Erin. 21. New England.

“She was a compulsive pessimist, always looking for the soft brown spot in the fruit, pressing so hard she created it.”

– Amy Waldman, The Submission  (via lsd-se-vraca-kuci)


Let the record show that the placement of Seguin’s left hand is completely inappropriate in the middle of what is already an entirely unauthorized display of undone top buttons.


Marrying young is not the end of my freedom. It means I want to travel and see the world, but with her by my side. It means I still like drinking in bars and dancing in clubs, but stumbling home with her at 2am and eating pizza in our underwear. It means I know that I want to kiss those lips every morning, and every night before bed. If you see marriage as the end of your ‘freedom’, you’re doing it wrong.

@dnielsentattoos thank you cards are the best ❤️😂

@dnielsentattoos thank you cards are the best ❤️😂